32224A Springbank Road

Calgary, AB, T3Z 2L9

Call us: (403) 242-2223

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Springbank Sports Lounge

  Open Monday to Friday 5:00pm-12:30am

Saturday 12:00pm-12:30am and Sunday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Dear Sprinkbank Park For All Season members, friends and visitors,

The new Springbank Sports Lounge is now open!

We (Anna and Brett ) would like to introduce ourselves to all of you as the new management for the revamped Springbank Sports Lounge. We have been working very hard these last couple of weeks setting up the lounge, bringing in your favourite food and beverages.

We would like to meet all of you and invite you to come meet us in person, come check out our menu and don't be afraid to tell your neighbours all about us!
Please contact us directly at springbanklounge@gmail.com or 403-620-0042.

Anna & Brett
 Springbank Logo  HQ
Springbank Park Concession - 403-993-4409
 Springbank Logo  HQ 
Blue Chip Sports - 403-242-5568

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