Outdoor Rink

The Outdoor Rink keeps refrigerated ice from November to the beginning of March. Unfortunately, due to the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 virus there will no public shinny or public skating available at this time. This facility is closed when the temperature is -15 or colder, or if the ice surface has been compromised in any way.


Welcome to the Outdoor Rink at the Springbank Park For All Seasons. This Outdoor Rink and the adjacent Fieldhouse are available for use by individuals of all ages (both children and adults), skills and abilities.

Please note you may be asked to vacate the ice surface for a flood at any point; please be cooperative and do what the Arena Operator asks of you.


In case of injury and/or emergency:

  2. Tell the 911 Operator that the Outdoor Rink is located at 32224A Springbank Road.
  3. Call the SPFAS Support Phone (403 618-9152) to seek assistance while waiting for EMS to arrive.
  4. After the injury &/or emergency situation has been addressed, be available to assist SPFAS with the completion of an SPFAS Incident Report.
General Information
  • All users, regardless of age, skill or ability shall at all times have equal access to the Outdoor Rink.
  • The Outdoor Rink & Fieldhouse are only available for use during the hours of operation established by the SPFAS. These facilities may be closed by SPFAS at any time for maintenance, due to inclement weather, safety considerations, or for other reasons.
  • The SPFAS shall not be responsible for any lost, stolen &/or damaged items.

Acceptance of Risk

Activities that take place at the Outdoor Rink & Fieldhouse pose a safety risk to both participants and spectators. All individuals who use the Outdoor Rink & Fieldhouse do so at their own risk. It is strongly recommended that all users of the outdoor rink wear helmets at all times while on the ice.

Supervision of Children

The Outdoor Rink & Fieldhouse are not supervised by the SPFAS. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are properly supervised.

Outdoor Rink & Fieldhouse Conduct Rules

The Outdoor Rink & Fieldhouse are equipped with video surveillance cameras. The SPFAS expects all users to comply with the following rules at all times:
  • Comply with all directions given by SPFAS Staff.
  • Leave the ice while it is being maintained by the Zamboni operator or otherwise serviced by SPFAS Staff.
  • Refrain from:
    • the consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs;
    • bullying;
    • littering;
    • vandalism; and
    • the use of profanity or other offensive language.
Those failing to observe these rules or who otherwise display unsafe or inappropriate behaviour may be directed to leave the Outdoor Rink & Fieldhouse by the SPFAS Staff and may be suspended from use of the SPFAS Outdoor Rink & Fieldhouse by the General Manager of the SPFAS.

Assistance from SPFAS Staff

Call the SPFAS Support Phone (403 618-9152) to report any non-compliance with this Code of Conduct.

Have fun. Be safe. Respect other users and the SPFAS facilities. SPFAS thanks you for your cooperation. You can support the Outdoor Rink & Fieldhouse and the efforts by the SPFAS to provide free Public Skating and Public Shinny Sessions by:(1) Making a financial donation to SPFAS; and/or (2) Renting the Outdoor Rink.

For more information, call the SPFAS at 403 242-2223, email or go to the SPFAS website (www.springbankpark.com).